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To help you find the best financing options available for your energy efficiency project, Energy Upgrade California has created Go Green Financing. This website allows California residents and businesses to browse our database of financing solutions and filter the various options down to a more manageable number, making it easy to get in touch with a lender that fits your own unique needs and preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know financing can be confusing, but it doesn't have to be! This section contains answers to the most commonly asked questions, without the jargon or the fine-print.

Go Green Financing is an unbiased third-party marketplace for finding energy project-related financing solutions for both single family residential, multifamily, small business, local government, and other non-residential properties in the State of California.

Go Green Financing is a program under the Energy Upgrade California brand. However, it is important to know that Go Green Financing does not provide actual loans; it is a marketplace that promotes and educates consumers on the available financing options and how to choose one financing product over another based on their own customized needs.

The Go Green Financing website is for residential and non-residential consumers who want to become aware of and educated on the opportunities they have to pay for energy projects in California. There are many financing options available to consumers today and the Go Green Financing website is designed to be a one-stop-shop for property owners, renters, property management companies and contractors to evaluate different financing options for their projects and follow up with the lenders offering those projects to either get more information or to apply for a loan or lease with that lender.

The CHEEF is the administrator for the 7 financing pilots that are rolling out for the single-family, master-metered multifamily, small business, and medium to large non-residential market sectors during 2015-16 and running for a 24 month period from the first loan application for each pilot. An overview of the 7 pilots can be found at www.theCHEEF.com, which is a website catering more to contractors and financial institutions. The State of California is working with lenders to provide more attractive terms for energy project financing through a number of resources including credit enhancements, on-bill repayment, and marketing campaigns. Ideally the CHEEF pilot participating lenders will realize the increased deal flow and the state will not require the same amount of assistance in order to achieve the same goals.

The CHEEF Participating Financial Institutions are one of the categories found on the Go Green Financing website, although those products may also qualify as unsecured, secured, or lease products as well.

The Go Green Financing website is part of the Energy Upgrade California statewide website. Part of that website allows users to build action plans called "MyEnergyUpgrade". A consumer can learn about and take action on a variety of financing opportunities by either building their action plan, or just using an estimated construction cost to evaluate.

The first part of the Go Green Financing website is the Financing Finder, which allows prospective customers to browse all of the products that in the ever-growing statewide database. The Financing Finder allows users to explore and compare different categories of financing products and contact lenders directly for more information. Each product in the finder has its own profile page so that users can learn about the lending institution, identify the basic terms or ranges of terms that a specific product offers and apply through that institution.

In addition to the Financing Finder, the Go Green Financing website hosts a Finance Decision-Making Assistance tool, which is designed to help prospective customers identify what is most important to them when it comes to financing energy projects. The tool asks the customer several general questions, then uses decision-making software to prioritize the answers and create a customized list of financing products that are ranked according to the customer's preferences. Through this process, customers should feel confident that their top 2-3 loan products will meet their needs. When finished, users can either share their report with a contractor or lender or experiment with different criteria combinations to see how their results change based on their responses.

Go Green Financing includes energy project financing information for both the residential and non-residential marketplace. However, the Energy Upgrade California website only provides energy management information to the small business sector. Non-residential customers won't find many other resources relevant to their needs outside of the Go Green Financing website and Finance Decision-Making Assistance tool.

Energy Upgrade California is the statewide brand for awareness and education on energy management, energy efficiency, energy conservation and climate change. There are many other subjects and programs that fall under that brand, but Energy Upgrade CA is the "umbrella" that maintains the "one-stop-shop" resource for residential, multifamily, and small commercial customers to go to in order to find information, rebates and incentives, contractors, raters, resources, and appliances.

Energy Upgrade California is the umbrella brand and channel through which the CHEEF-approved financial products are marketed to the California public. Energy Upgrade California stands for trust and credibility, as the campaigns and programs under the brand help guide consumers in all market sectors to take control of their energy use and make incremental changes that can result in energy savings, potentially lower utility bills, more comfortable properties and healthier environments. This all ladders up to California's goals of lowering statewide greenhouse gas emissions through new and existing building efficiencies.

The CHEEF, administered by CAEATFA, also does not provide any loans. The CHEEF drafts the rules and regulations, manages the financial institution and contractor qualification and eligibility, and then performs quality control on the various projects to make sure the loans receiving the credit enhancement are actually following the rules as written. The CHEEF and Energy Upgrade California are partners for financing initiatives, working together on program design, marketing and outreach, consumer education as well as post-construction measurement and evaluation.

Energy Upgrade California is a statewide program that builds awareness and inspires action for many of the energy and water-related initiatives responsible for leading California to achieve the state's aggressive climate action and energy goals. It's a "one-stop-shop" where residents and small businesses can go to learn about best practices in energy management, build action plans, and find contractors, rebates and financing for their projects.

Go Green Financing is a program under the main Energy Upgrade California brand. Although Energy Upgrade California doesn't offer any of its own loans, it is the brand that delivers credible information to the marketplace and helps to turn confusion into action. Energy management is a big responsibility and each individual has their own journey to realizing that their monthly utility bill can change through behavior and technology. There are programs through the utility companies, which can help incentivize you to take action, and there are financial products that make financial sense for your project and your budget. You just need to take the first step...

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